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“With the number of true craftsmen dwindling within the residential construction market, it is quite exciting to work with Marek. His craftsmanship and understanding of the material allow us as architects to push our understanding of the limitations of concrete into a more intimate and useable material. We are greatly looking forward to our next project with him!”

-Dan Finnell, Architect/Owner EST.11 Architecture

Bluestar 88 Design Inc. is a design studio and production facility specializing in bespoke concrete products, furniture and sculpture using advanced techniques and formulas.

The ability to act as our own manufacturer not only informs our design process, it yields smarter products that exemplify an understanding of materials and a balance between form and function. Many of our products incorporate wood, metal, natural stone, and glass. Custom made items include sculpture, indoor and outdoor furniture, tiles, planters, fire pits, modern sinks, and counter tops.

We offer a full design, manufacture, and install service to architects, designers, landscape architects, artists, tradesmen, businesses and homeowners.




A Diverse Material Palette

Concrete, Wood, Metal, Natural Stone and Glass

While we specialize in concrete, we use a diverse mix of natural materials to ensure the proper balance between form, function and aesthetic. Concrete is durable and will change with age adding to its allure. It easily fits into modern or contemporary spaces while also providing interest to an otherwise traditional space. Concrete is a natural material, created from a natural process and provides a wealth of design possibilities making it extremely versatile – it can be cast in any shape, custom colored with a range of finishes, and combined with other materials .